How many connections should I use?




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    Rated connection: 10.99 Mb/s

    Downloadspeed: 2500 - 2600 KB/s

    Lowest connection: 7

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    Rated connection: 20.99 Mb/s

    Downloadspeed: 800 - 900 KB/s

    Lowest connection: 6



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    Rated connection: 18mbps

    Number of connections: 8

    Download speed: 2050kb/sec

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    Shanghai/China/China Telecom 10Mbit

    Number of connections:12-16

    Download speed:1090 Kbyte/sec

  is faster than us or eu connection in China.

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    connection: 10 mb/s

    number of connections : 10

    download speed : 900 kb/s

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    Rated Connection: 10Mbps

    Download Speed: 1,800 KB/s

    Lowest connection: 6

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    Rated Connection: 14.16Mbps

    Download Speed: 21,504 KB/s

    Lowest connection: 20


    I'm cheating a bit because I have two Internet connections running into one PC. This is why my download speed in Newsbin is higher than my speed when I run the speed test at since the website is only running a test on one of my connections.

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    I calculated my 21 Mbps incorrectly to Kb and not KB. Correct speed is 2688 KB/s since I'm showing 21 Mbps on my news client. Sorry about that. :(

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    Unlimited speed?

    I paid for BinTube since August 2009, and never had to complain about, that before had 20Mb internet download, now I have 100Mb of downloads, is not coming over that 3000KBs on average is 2500KBs, says that with the speed is unlimited should take some action, this low speed with anything that low.

    20 connection Internet speed 100Mb dow 3000~2500KBs

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    First of all, sending people to SpeedTest.Net is not always a good idea. In the beginning speedtest tries to locate the nearest server for you, so that your results are good enough. This leads to many "But said..." non-arguments at helpdesks. A second reason why speedtest is in some cases just completely off the scale is because of Software Firewall & Internet Security Packages. For instance, I have 120/10Mbit, but I also have Kaspersky and somehow I got these results:

    But the right ways to meassure have been mentioned here as well: Download a fixed size (10MB, 100MB or 1000MB depending on your connection) within the BinTube client. It would be even better if you had Accelerator running at the same time since it tells you the diference between what should have been accelerated, what actually goes through your line and how much overhead you've accumulated with 20 connections.

    Using this method, I didn't have to plot 15 measure points ... I could tell in a matter of minutes what the ideal number of connections is for my internetconnection in relation to Usenet Downloads.

    Oh, and b.t.w. here in Europe (7 hops from the server :>) I easily get the >100Mbit speeds with actual leeching involved, so keep up the good stuff! I'm totally satisfied for now. :>

    Just wanted to test the Bintube Servers; for ten bucks, I thought I'd give it a try! Maybe I'll even stick around since your retention is 300 days higher than my other free IPv6 Usenet Account. (Yes, I have 2 BinTube versions now, the free member and the pro I bought in 2009)

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    I have 50Mbs use 20 connections get 40 to50 varies with differnt  downloads works great

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    Download at 600K KB/s with 5connections


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    100 Mbs

    95 Mbs with 20 connections

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